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Houseplans Designed creates elegant floorplans with features that homeowners are looking for. Each plan goes through a comprehensive checking process to ensure accuracy. All plans aim to meet or exceed the International Residential Code .
Consult your building contractor to determine the code and site requirements.
House plans designed home plans are not stamped by an architect or engineer. Square footage of our floor plans are calculated by measuring from the outside face the exterior walls. Our plans include all of the drawings required for residential construction. Framing plans are included for all our home plans.

We are your definitive source for stock house plans but we can also help you make changes to our plans, as well as a complete custom design. Feel free to browse our growing selection of Homeplans, but do not copy, print or distribute our work without written permission.


Our renderings can help you see the big picture as well as help others to understand your vision.
We are capable of Exterior and Interior renderings as well as 3D Animations. 

3D exterior rendering

3d interior rendering


    Exterior Renderings            Interior Renderings                        3D animations 

Better design through intelligent software 

Our home plans are designed with the use of today's modern and sophisticated computer aided design software. We believe there is only one way to identify the true scope of construction. And that is with an accurate 3D building model that quality checks the floorplans as they are being designed.

Designers at HousePlans Designed use our software to see how slope and roof pitch affect two story structures and use that information to present a better designed house.

Most existing house plans on other websites are hand drawn where ours on the other hand are aided by the collaboration between human operator and software technology.

materials lists 

Home Builders; Power up your marketing with a custom rendering 

Seeing a house before you build it can mean the difference between you and your competition. 

Customers want to see your vision and a good quality rendering can help with this. Our house plans come with the stock rendering listed on our website, but if you would like to make modifications of a stock plan design and see the rendering for it, we can do that too!



Plan modifications offers 2 hours of free change

We understand that our stock plans may not be exactly the way you may want them. So in order to solve this problem we are including 2 free hours of modifications. Many customers want small changes such as adding or removing windows, enlarging garages, or changing kitchen layouts. These kinds of modifications can be relatively minor but in some cases major. Please call us and we will work together to understand your needs.



Your plan your choice 

We understand that this is your future home and your situations may change over the length of the building process.

If you purchase a house plan and decide you would rather not build that particular plan,

we will work with you to credit you towards the purchase or another floorplan in our collection.



Always committed to your happiness 

We want to be your house plan design firm of choice and will treat you professionally with responsive and personalized customer service.

We may be online but we are only a phone call or email away.